Meritocratic Capitalism

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    Meritocratic Capitalism is about rewarding organisational merit for the benefit of society.

    We believe Meritocratic Capitalism (MC), when applied to organisations, can address many of the current issues in society and at the same time set in place an enhanced system that is designed to benefit all, not just the few, on an on-going basis.

    In the UK we have enough experience of capitalism to know that it broadly works for us but also to understand some of the Pros and Cons. Meritocratic Capitalism (MC) is an attempt to now move on a stage both addressing the Cons and accentuating the Pros. As a result resetting our expectations of organisations operating in the UK.

    Essentially the objective is to change our society over time to be based on merit and reward merit, whether organisational merit or personal merit, at every turn.

    The objective of MC is also to be relevant to the long-term and future generations, not just the short-term. In particular to take account of the speed of technological change and in particular the high potential but likely disruption of some of the advances such as Artificial Intelligence.

    To find out what exactly it is and how it might be made operational you can read the short paper at