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Probably42 is all about discussion and development of ideas in groups;  face-to-face or via video conferencing.

Most of us enjoy a chat, often in a sociable setting, and putting the world to rights. We want to encourage that idea, both as an enjoyable activity and as a means of achieving something worthwhile.


You can join an existing group or form your own. Visit face-to-face meetings to learn more and find out how.





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    Zero Gravity

    Zero Gravity is an online discussion group created primarily for members who are geographically dispersed around the UK. Its main objective, as for any Probably42 group, is for members to have a friendly discussion about topics that are important to them...  more
    led by Keith Hill

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    Deep Thought - P42 Ideas Discussion Group

    The first off-web discussion group inspired by Probably42 but now operating via video conferencing.. The aim is to enjoy discussing some of the big or topical issues of the day, on a monthly basis, but to also capture any good ideas that come out of it...  more
    led by Tony Clack