Discussing Ideas face-to-face - 'Pie and Pint' and other Meetings


As well as providing an online means of developing ideas, Probably42 is very much about discussion and development of ideas face-to-face.

Most of us enjoy a chat, perhaps over a drink and a bite to eat, and putting the world to rights.

We want to encourage that idea, both as an enjoyable activity and as a means of achieving something worthwhile.

To find out more visit face-to-face meetings to see what you might get out of it.




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    P42 Pie & Pint Discussion Group - Deep Thought (West Berks)

    The first off-web discussion group inspired by Probably42. The aim is to enjoy discussing some of the big or topical issues of the day, on a monthly basis, but to also capture any good ideas that come out of it and put them on Probably42 for further...  more
    led by Tony Clack