Manifesto of Ideas for our Future Society in the 21st century

Probably42 seeks to encourage the development of new ideas, but society is so interconnected these days that initiatives in one quarter have repercussions in another and there often needs to be a coordinated approach. The intention is to feed ideas from Probably 42 into a ‘Manifesto of Ideas for our Future Society in the 21st Century’ which can be a consolidated view of the best ideas.

You will find there is already a well developed ‘strawman’ manifesto as a starting point for discussion and comment based on output from a regular Pie and Pint discussion meeting run by Probably42 Founder Tony Clack.

You can read a short summary of this in the Ideas section at /documents/2/56/ideas-manifesto-short-summary

or read the full manifesto at


We would welcome your input. Feel free to pass either version on to others.

To keep it well focused, it concentrates on a ‘Top 10 Transformative Strategies to improve society. An underlying set of Shared Values and Principles provides a backdrop for all decision making.

To help provide a focus on these issues and their solutions there is a discussion forum where we have put forward a suggested Top 10 Issues. We would welcome your thoughts on other Big Issues not currently being tackled on the site and to suggest changes to those that are in the Top 10. You can view the discussion at /forums/topic/11/top-10-big-issues-of-our-time-in-the-uk