The March of Intelligent Automation

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    There is a potential, rather than actual, issue related to the deployment of advances in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence that is likely to see large numbers of jobs replaced by such automation in a relatively short space of time.

    If this is not to creep up on us we need to be discussing and taking action now. Some suggested Ideas are:

    1. Embrace and encourage take up and support Robotics and AI in the UK because of the opportunity they present and the problems they can address.
    2. Adapt our taxation system to tax at a low level any ‘job replacing’ technology so that we generate the funds to address any consequences whether re-training or wider i.e. at a low level so we don’t hinder take up.
    3. Use this as an opportunity to re-think what we want our society to be and use technology to get us there, as long as everyone benefits and everything we do is seen to be fair to every sector of our population.
    4. Introduce a National Dividend to share the benefits of a successful economy.
    5. Create a new body responsible for looking at the long term and making long term decisions, which also has the technological and scientific know how to understand potential impacts.
    6. Identify a set of metrics which measure improvement in different aspects of life satisfaction and move to use these in measuring progress rather than just relying on GDP.

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    Very grateful for your comments and answers to any of the questions I pose.