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Topic for May - Monarchy as an asset for the 21st century

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    May 10, 2023 5:33 PM BST

    Our topic for may is:  Developing the monarchy as an asset for the 21st century

    The UK is a Constitutional Monarchy and the recent coronation of Charles III has marked the start of the next cycle, the Carolean era.

    The objective of this discussion is to identify: the balance of benefit (or otherwise) that we get from the monarchy; how we improve that balance and address any perceived down sides; and how we would like to see the monarchy develop as an asset for the 21st century’. In essence to identify what proposals we would like to make to Charles.



    • What are our personal reactions to the monarchy at this juncture. Each of our emotional reactions, logical reactions and pragmatic reactions?
    • What value does it have to us (a) within the country (b) on the world stage? Equally what are the negative aspects of our monarchy?
    • What authority and power does (and should) a constitutional monarch have in practice?
    • How would having a President instead of a monarch as head of state shift the balance of benefit and downsides?
    • What should the objective of the job of monarch be? What attributes do they need to be able to perform the job?
    • How would we like to re-write or enhance the job description of the monarch for a 21st century AI society?
    • What should the role of the next in line to the throne be? What about other working royals?
    • Should a monarch retire?

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    May 31, 2023 2:53 PM BST

    Our discussion output on the topic is now available at Monarchy - Developing it as an asset for the 21st century