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Topic for May/June 2019 - Do we need a UK Moral Code

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    May 29, 2019 3:19 PM BST

    Religion used to provide most of us with an upbringing which gave us a moral code. Now that religion is on the decline do we need an explicit UK secular view of right and wrong and morals that reflects UK values? How much of this would allow us to define a Global Moral Code?

    The proposed agenda is:


    What sort of things are happening in life that reflect a decline in moral and religious values? Do we need a national moral code?

    What would be the objectives of such a moral code? For example:

    A set of just a few principles that will put us on a path to becoming over time a better and more cohesive society, and protect us and ensure survival for us and future geenrations

    What would be the key elements? Are here elements we might cherry pick from different religions or from Humanism or other secular philosophies?

    Are the 7 common Moral Principles (Oxford University research article from study of 60 different cultures) a good basis, or are these actually selfish survival strategies for individuals and communities?

    Help your family
    Help your group
    Return favours
    Be brave
    Defer to superiors
    Divide resources fairly
    Respect others’ property

    How does such a moral code affect our responsibilities (as in rights and responsibilities)?

    Do we need to replace other elements that religion encourages e.g. the social and community building role of religious gatherings?

    How would we introduce such a code? 

    Can such a moral code be a good one if it cannot also be acceptable internationally?

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    June 10, 2019 12:41 PM BST

    The Output of our discussions on this topic can be seen at http://www.probably42.net/documents/2/59/do-we-need-a-uk-moral-code