There are 3 sets of Guidelines below but, if you haven't already seen it, you should ideally read the Personality of the Site page first. If you click on the link it will open in a separate window, so when you close it you will return here. Similarly if you click on the titles below to view the Guidelines.


Inputting Ideas

Guidance on the best way of getting going quickly and when to use the Idea Forum or your own Idea blogs and Ideas Documents.


Guidelines on Structuring and Presenting Ideas

These important Guidelines suggest a good way to structure ideas and test your thinking such that any idea you put forward also contributes to the goals and personality of Probably42.


Stages of Idea Development

Provides Guidance on developing an idea from embryonic through to a full formal proposal. An idea may not go through all the stages outlined and it is up to the author/s to decide what is appropriate but we hope these provide a useful checklist and food for thought.


Safeguarding the quality of the site


We hope the Guidelines will help to ensure that we all put forward things in a balanced way and adhere to the ‘personality of the site’.

Our aim is to interfere as little as possible with what is published on Probably42 but we will ultimately act if we feel the spirit of the site is being badly ignored in any document or posting. It is up to us all to keep an eye on this and we would encourage all members to point out to the author any lack of balance or other missing attributes in a very positive way, so that they have the opportunity to address it. Do however take note of the stage an idea is at embryonic idea should receive much more latitude than one that is being put forward as a finished proposal.