Recent Entries

  • Manifesto of Ideas for our Future Society in the 21st Century

    We've recently updated the Ideas Manifesto which collects together the best ideas published on Probably 42 into a coherent document which addresses 10 Top Issues of our time. You can view it at ...
  • Artificial Intelligence Submission to House of Lords

    At the end of 2017 we provided input to the House of Lords select committee on Artificial Intelligence. You can see what we had to say at
  • Ideas Documents elsewhere

    Rather than publish Ideas as Ideas blogs, we have published them for the moment under the Proposals section as a series of Ideas documents. You can see the wide range of these by browsing the Proposals section. If you want to publish your own Idea you can do it either as an Ideas blog here or as an...
  • Housing Crisis

      There is an on-going Housing Crisis caused by the rapidly escalating price of homes over a long period of time, making owning a home unaffordable for many of our children. The description of this issue has been replaced by a fuller document describing the issue at http://www.probably42...