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    June 7, 2021 5:28 PM BST

    This is not a go at Tony's facilitation of the web-client for Free Conference Call though I guess to a lesser or greater extent we have all had some Zoomshock of late. With the offices of today likely to be lessened for the office space of tomorrow I have two chief concerns that may seed some discussion - what of the 'coffee machine culture' in the new office space of tomorrow? How will colleagues/peers have a (sometimes very productive) chat? So collaboration may take a post-pandemic hit. Secondly, will work-life balance take a battering too? Will the demarcation between home and work life get blurred? How do we help society (and not just the IPM) prepare for these things? There is that deepening of the digital divide and or digital disenfranchisement - some less well-off or IT literate citizens may not be able to easily access all the facilities that the state has for them. What's to be done?

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