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Topic for December 2021 - Sleaze, Lobbying, Second Jobs & APPGs

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    November 27, 2021 10:33 AM GMT

    Our topic this month is driven by these issues once again coming to the fore in Parliament and the media.

    Our proposed topic and agenda is:

    Topic - Sleaze, Lobbying, Second jobs and APPGs

     The Cambridge Dictionary defines sleaze as “activities, especially business or political of a low moral standard”. This means that while figures and parties accused of sleaze may not have technically broken any rules, they may have found loopholes or acted against the spirit of fairness.

    APPG stands for All Party Parliamentary Group. This recent article gives some indication of concerns: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-59307270


    • Should MPs be involved in lobbying and consultancy (a) for payment (b) without payment e.g. for organisations in their constituency? 
    • Is sleaze in Parliament endemic or is it the opposition and media that take every opportunity to paint it as so? 
    • Should there be a formal Government route for organisations to put their case to influence Government? What should the role of sector trade bodies be? Are APPGs a good thing? 
    • Should MPs be able to have second jobs? If so what type and how much time should they be able to spend on them? Should there be a cap on earnings from outside Parliament? Should MPs be paid more or less? Is there a danger of choking off talent from becoming an MP and entering Parliament? How do we get more diversity of backgrounds in Parliament? 
    • Is cash for honours another example of sleaze? Are there other examples of sleaze within the political system? What should be done about this. 
    • Are the current standards of conduct required for MPs adequate? Are the new Government proposals satisfactory? Can we ever achieve 100% integrity amongst MPs? Do the new proposals have unintended consequences? 
    • How do we get the right people to become MPs i.e. right integrity, right competence, diverse backgrounds? 
    • Is there a better way?



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    December 21, 2021 6:42 PM GMT

    Our output and ideas from the above discussion are now available at Sleaze. Lobbying, Second Jobs and APPGs