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Topic for March 2022 - The Future Role of the BBC

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    March 3, 2022 11:09 AM GMT

    Our agenda for this discussion on the Future Role of the BBC is:


    Agenda – The Future Role of the BBC

    • What is our perception of the BBC?
    • What is the future of broadcast media versus online media? Do we need both?
    • What roles might the BBC fulfil in the future? How should the different strands be delivered?
    • What is/should the role of the media be in a democratic society? Does the current media support democracy or harm it?
    • Are all media sources partisan and distorted to some degree? Is this a good thing? What is the role of the facts and balanced argument? Do we need an impartial source of media output? Can we achieve one?
    • Given all the above, what could/should the role of the BBC be? How could/should the other news/politics channels relate to this?
    • What should the role of the state be with respect to media? Do we need a State controlled Channel to give the Government viewpoint, or is that too close to propaganda? Alternatively do we need an annual schedule of key reports e.g. state of nation, which must be covered by media?
    • What sort of role should the BBC have in the metaverse?
    • Licence fees and all that - how should the future role of the BBC be paid for?
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    March 28, 2022 11:07 AM BST

    The discussion output on this topic is now available at The Future Role of the BBC