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Topic for April 2022 - Ukraine Invasion

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    May 11, 2022 2:46 PM BST

    This topic is a bit outside our realm of expertise but nevertheless we felt a need to discuss it.

    Proposed Agenda

    • What do we think are the root causes of the invasion? Are there mistakes that have led to this situation that we should endeavour not to repeat in the future? Why wasn’t it unthinkable? Why do we see this invasion as so terrible compared to the many others?
    • Whose war is it and what are the possible end outcomes of the war? What outcome do we think is most likely?
    • What do we think about the response from NATO, the UK, European countries – East and West, the big players such as India and China, the World as a whole, the United Nations?
    • What are our thoughts about economic warfare, cyber warfare, and information warfare? Has global interdependence as a way of influencing others and preventing war backfired?
    • Where is morality in our overall response to all this?
    • What do we think about the response to refugees?
    • What are the implications for the future of the World order, especially the tension between democracies and autocracies? Will one win out, or is there a hybrid? What do we think other countries including Russia will learn from this both tactically and strategically?
    • Do we need to change our future values, policies, security, and respect (or otherwise) for others’ points of view? Can we make something good come out of it?
    • Is there ever a prospect of creating a harmonious world, or are we deluding ourselves? Is ‘might always right’ something we have to live with?  
    • 118 posts
    May 11, 2022 2:49 PM BST

    Output of this discussion is now available at:  Ukraine Invasion - What can we learn for the future?