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Topic for March/April 2023 - Addressing workforce shortages

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    March 15, 2023 4:13 PM GMT

    Our topic this month is: Addressing workforce shortages to grow the economy

    Our proposed agenda is below if you'd like to input any thoughts on the subject.  



    Why have we got a workforce shortage?

    Why is it a problem? What are the contributors to the problem? Is the shortage in particular geographic areas, or particular sectors or around particular skill levels?

    Who are the economically inactive? What categories are there e.g. Jeremy Hunt identified 3 categories: students, long-term sick and disabled and retired early? Should we see the retired population as a largely untapped resource for national good?

    Is getting the economically inactive back into the workforce the right strategy and will Hunt’s policies work? What else can be done to get these people back into the workforce?

    Is a workforce shortage a short-term or long-term problem?

    Dependency ratio

    Population - Birth rate/immigration

    What are the implications for work-place participation in light of AI adoption and the added impetus to AI in the budget?

    Are we asking the right questions e.g is it actually a productivity problem? Can we reframe the issue so that we are asking the right questions?

    What could we do to address the underlying problems? Which should we prioritise? What do we think of the Government initiatives to address the problems?

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    April 7, 2023 2:55 PM BST

    The output of discussions is now available at:

    Economy - Addressing workforce shortages to grow the economy

    Proposals are presented under the following headings:

    • Immigration
    • Retirement-related
    • Productivity
    • Deployment of Artificial Intelligence
    • Education

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