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Topic for February 2020 - Retirement

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    February 7, 2020 5:39 PM GMT
    This month our subject is Retirement and the need for a Retirement Infrastructure.
    Our planned agenda is below but also take a look at the Retirement Vision document at http://www.probably42.net/documents/1/16/retirement-vision which was produced back in 2012 but is still 100% relevant.
    • Should retirement and pensions be done away with, or significantly amended
      • Should the state pension age increase further? Should age-related benefits such as fuel allowance be universal. Is the triple-lock a good thing? Do politicians see retirement as a no-go area?
    • Retirement v Partial Retirement
    • Retirement Opportunities and Issues
    • Can the retired population be the answer to some of today’s problems?
    • Retirement Vision - The Opportunity to create a National Retirement Infrastructure
      • Retirement is the first time in life we have no structure around us.  Could we create an infrastructure that provides opportunities for retirees and as a result benefits the country and also addresses issues associated with retirement?
    • If Artificial Intelligence eventually results in net job losses and shorter working weeks will this infrastructure also work, or will the requirements be different?


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    March 2, 2020 6:15 PM GMT

    The output of the Pie and Pint Meeting 36 on this subject is now avaiable at: