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Topic for July 2020 - Education

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    June 28, 2020 5:06 PM BST

    Our agenda for this months topic is below. 



    • What should the overall goal of education be in our society (a) for society (b) for the individual?

    • Will it need to change in the future?

    • At a more detailed level what would we modify or add to the previously proposed objectives?

    • How relevant/effective is the current education system for:
      • preparing people for ‘Managing Life’
      • preparing people for their Rights and Responsibilities in society?
      • preparing people for the World of Work?

    How can it be made more effective for each of these?

    • What proportion of time should be given to each of: life skills; work skills; academic skills?

    • How do we keep the curiculum relevant to the changing needs of a changing world? How frequently does each element need to be reviewed? 

    • How can we best support in-work learning and the ability to change career?

    • Is there a role for education in retirement?

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