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Topic for October 2020 - Law and Order

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    October 8, 2020 10:55 AM BST

    Our topic this month for our Probably42 Groups to discuss is:

    Law and Order – Root causes, symptoms and treatment of criminal behaviour

    Note that there is a previous output on the subject of the Justice System at: http://www.probably42.net/documents/2/29/justice-system-output-from-deep-thought-group-pie-and-pint-meeting-11. This asked some questions with possible solutions embedded in them.


    •  What is the Crime Situation?

    What areas of crime are growing/reducing? What initiatives have worked? What are the demographics of crime? Is Crime out of control? (Traditional Crime, Internet Crime, Terrorism, State Crime). How are the state detection agencies organised?

    •  Causes of Crime

    The role of parents, home, school, financial situation and poverty, and upbringing

    What are the different causes/encouragements of crime? How does this vary by age?

    What is the role of Peer pressure, Coercion by others, Intimidation?

    Does society generally contribute? Does the media contribute?

    What would stop people wanting to commit crime? Is this different for different groups?

    •  Deterrents of Crime

    What are the deterrents to crime? How does this vary for Low level Crime, Serious Crime, Organised Crime?

    Are the deterrents sufficient? Have we gone soft on Crime?

    Are there modern deterrents we could make use of?

    •  Detection and avoidance of Crime

    How could we improve the detection of crime, including use of technology?

    How do we balance security against personal liberty and data protection?

    Are the police force and other state detection agencies adequate, and in sufficient numbers, for a 21st century situation? Are there things they are asking for?

    How do we get children and other demographic groups off the criminal path once they are on it?

    •  Treatment of criminal behaviour, repeat offences and rehabilitation

    Is the priority rehabilitation or punishment?

    Are there ways of dealing with/punishing initial offences without getting into the justice system?

    Do we need several elements to dealing with crime (1) actions that are likely to get the person off the criminal path (2) punishment/future deterrence (3) protecting victims and the public?

    Do punishments fit the crime? Are they sufficient? Do they contribute to deterrence or encouragement?

    What levels of action/punishment should there be? Are there alternative modern punishments or methods of control? Are there alternative losses which could punish other than loss of liberty?

    Should punishment escalate with repeat offences e.g. 3 strikes and you’re out?

    Does our punishment system reduce the likelihood of rehabilitation? How co0ld rehabilitation success be improved?

    •  The Law

    Does our legal system command respect? Is it fit for purpose?

    Is it too easy to play the system?

    Should people be able to get off on legal technicalities?

    Does it favour those with power and wealth?