Ideas Documents - This section is for Ideas that are reasonably well-developed e.g. a paper on a subject, or the output of a Probably42 Discussion meeting. You can also create Supporting Documents for additional information e.g. an explanation.


Document Category – This is used largely by Probably42 to identify the status of a document e.g. a ‘Discussion Output’ document contains a mix of ideas without too much qualification of how good they are. A ‘Considered Proposal’ document however is a formal output of Probably42 bringing together the best ideas on a subject and more often than not underpinning the Transformative Ideas selected for the Manifesto of Ideas. The full list of categories is described behind the 'Ideas A-Z' menu item.  

Ideas Blog - The Ideas Blog sub-section provides an alternative way of publishing ideas in an Ideas blog. 

Guidelines - Please read the Helpful Ideas Guidelines before inputting any Papers or Proposals. 


Display Options - Documents below are displayed according to the date they were first published, with the most recent first. If you want to view them in alphabetical order, select the Ideas A-Z tab in the menu below. You can also view just those documents in a category on that A-Z page, or by clicking on the Category name in the header of a specific document. 


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